ICP Digital Signage

ICP Digital Signage Pty Ltd is a total digital signage computer hardware solution provider, offering reliable stand-alone or networked entry-level Media Players, compact and rugged PC Based Players, All-In-One LCD PCs, through to Network Signage Servers, and a service to assist in the custom design and build of your own digital signage hardware.

Drawing from many years of experience in the Industrial PC field, ICP Digital Signage has developed products that meet 0-60C operation, long hardware availability of 3-5 years, high performance fanless products with low power consumption (Green), and state of the art servers.

ICP Digital Signage Pty Ltd is a wholey owned and managed Australian Company

We bring together all the hardware elements of a digital signage system :


  • The media player
  • Commercial screens
  • Finance
  • Installation

Through our industry partners we can offer referrals to Dynamic Sigital Signage Management Software, Content Generation, Training and Finance.

We offer these as an integrated system, or as components to build an integrated system.

We can offer all of your solution requirements, or individual components of the solution. Please do not hesitate to call us to discuss your requirements.

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